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A test of Wordpress

This is a test!

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This is a test of to FB!

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Hello World! This is a test

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This only a test!

This is only a test; hopefully a forerunner of more blog posts in the future.

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a test

test of blog to FB

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This is only a test

This is a test of my website.   This is only a test!

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Print vs. On-line? That is the 21st Century Question!

I have been recently interested when someone says they do not subscribe to anything in print, periodicals, trade journals, professional reviews, etc.

There is an on-going debate about the medium in which we get our news, commentary, video materials, etc.  Some on-line services have put many firms out of business – e.g. Blockbuster  – is now (for all intents and purposes) a Brontosaurus of its formal self.

When going to the Blockbuster site, it is very sad to see that a business, based on 15-20 year old technology, can be reduced to ashes by another technology – digital delivery.  Could this be the way of the future?

I believe, as a librarian who loves ALL forms of media and information, there could be a balancing of (particularly) print vs. digital.  There have been recent studies regarding students, from secondary school all the way through college, that suggest the taking of physical notes is actually proving to be superior to, say, an iPad or some other form of portable digital device.

Perhaps the impetus of this posting, and some subsequent posting in the future, is about responding to  comments received  “that every form of digital information is superior to print.”   I don’t agree with this.  Human beings, by our very nature, love to hold things in their hands, and in so doing, to search and explore what they holding; the key is how well we absorb the information we are holding.  Does an iPad or Smartphone make it easier to read full length articles?

For former generations, particularly “Boomers”, there is still a need to physically hold information, whether it be a book, newspaper, magazine, etc.  No matter how well a web/digital site is designed, it cannot supplant the need for us to read a physical medium vs. a virtual medium.   However, some sites are very well designed and (I find) are actually easy to read – particularly the Wall Street Journal site.

Other than a select few sites, like WSJ, there is much to be desired about reading and “retaining” content from poorly constructed links, which have (often) dubious legibility or direction.

Maybe I can feel relived that one publication – Newsweek – is actually coming back into print! I haven’t done much research on why this once great periodical has revived their print edition; perhaps it is that even good habits are hard to break – particularly from reading anything that doesn’t require electricity!


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Our Crazy World of Elements…Actinium to Zinc

Parsons, Paul, and Gail Dixon.  The Periodic Table – A Visual Guide to the Elements. 

New York:  Random House,  2014. Print.

If someone were ever curious about the vast world of chemistry, physics and the cosmos, they would be very well served with this outstanding work.

To realize how user-friendly this work is, I was finished with well over 200 pages of the known 118 elements – not all created equal by the way-  in approximately 3 days…any other book I have read regarding the elements took at least twice as long and completely lost me after the first, say, 10 elements.  The subject is pretty straightforward – the examination of each element, with the necessary scientific information of Atomic Numbers, Atomic Weights, half-lives, and all of the usual suspects listed in a Chemistry book.

This book  goes one further, mainly because it is entertaining and high visual.  An explanation of the Periodic Table is introduced with easy to follow explanations of the rows and periods which beautifully follow a pattern.  The lesser known elements, e.g.  Tantalum, Radon, Technetium, etc. are also explained well by not using arcane scientific jargon.  The reader gets a sense of how such a table was constructed, and how the elements fit into certain spaces by measuring their Atomic numbers.  The photography of the elements is also exceptional, with each element depicted in a way that both an experienced scientist or a novice could appreciate.

Because of the unique readability of this book, it only increases the interest of those who are truly interested in science and how these elements basically hold the universe together.

Now, if only I can understand Basic Math through Quantum Mechanics – only then will I feel a complete sense of my “oneness” with the universe 🙂

Verdict – recommended reading for those interested in science and the curious souls at heart.


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The “re-birth” of 2145 Hillsgate Court

Back in January, I posted a blog about the “death” of a home on an adjacent street near our home.  The “death” of 2145 Hillsgate Court was a tragedy, but today as I was going into work, I decided to go by the house; I expected it to be still be boarded up and lifeless.  There is good news though!  The house was in the process of being restored, and workmen were buzzing about and starting the rebuilding process.

This house is kind of like life itself, and the quality called – resiliency!  The family could have chosen many options, but perhaps with their faith, they chose to rebuild.   Their decision will not bring the house back to its former condition – perhaps it will be even better, or perhaps not.

One thing that will not change is their love for their property, their love for each other, their friends, and their love of life.

So here’s  to 2145 Hillsgate Court – maybe by any other name 2145 Mainstreet, America – there is hope in their future, and this brings hope to ours.

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The death of 2145 Hillsgate Ct. – or maybe not!

Early the other morning, my wife and I were awakened to several fire engines, police units, and EMS.  We looked out our back window and there it was 3 doors down and on another street – a house was burning.  Fortunately, no one was home, nor did the fire spread to other homes on that street.

Something about a house on fire is so eerie and other worldly; you see fires on television, but you cannot know or experience it as it happens – the reality of it all!  Which leads me to the next day, as I was leaving for work, I went down and drove by the house.  It hadn’t been boarded up yet, so you could see the “gutting of the interior”; no life, no joy, no laughing, no happiness, all those things were taken from that family in a matter of a minutes.  A picture ran in the local paper of a fireman collecting important books, documents, and probably the most important thing – pictures.

I’ve seen people rebound from house fires; as a matter of fact, we have had now 3 of them in our neighborhood since we moved in 22+ years ago.  Each time, the family involved restored their “home”.  All I can say is that I believe that this family will do the same; once you’ve seen total destruction of your precious place, all you can do is have faith for to live for  better times.

The fire may have taken away physical things, but it cannot take away, the life, the joy, the laughing, the happiness, the love – for these are timeless.  It is those qualities which will, I believe, rebuild and restore the home at 2145 Hillsgate Ct.


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