Posted by: erinserb | October 2, 2009


Well world, here it goes!  This post is an inaugural of sorts – no, not the presidential one!  However, I do feel as if I am the “Prez” of this blog.

Hopefully, much thought and discussion will occur in and from this blog – that is what its all about, isn’t it?

I have many ideas right now, but at first I will to all my minions of “fans”,  promise to always post something/anything which is thoughtful, impactual, meaningful, controversial, etc….oh well, you get the idea.

Libraries and librarians are in constant flux.  I am still an outsider, hopefully on the frontier of gaining a new job and new career.  Why did this moment take so long?  Because life has all its quirks and, since there will always be something meaningful written here, both blogging and writing require time.  I may not have the time to post often here, but I actually may surprise myself.

So I will not classify my first post, but I will say, HELLO WORLD.  Kudos as well to my alma mater, The University of Alabama

Roll Tide Roll!!!


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