Posted by: erinserb | October 7, 2009

Recession 101

An interesting and anonymous quotation on a billboard in my Midwest UL.  I don’t know if anyone has seen this in their community.

“Recession 101

Remember, no one can repossess your future”

I know that this seems to have come from someone who is thinking from a Higher Purpose in life.

On a lighter note, when I was in the service, we always joked about being “busted” (non-judicial punishment or worse – court martial).  The old funny reassurance would come from fellow shipmates – what are they gonna do, take away your birthday?

The recession has taken many forms, and many livelihoods in the process.  I have to remember that as bad as it might seem sometimes, the other guy may have it worse.

There are too many variables in life, society and our economy for things to remain the same – in perpetuam.   I have to always keep this in mind about the job world, outlook and being able to practice my profession – librarianship.  Even though I have a big student loan, no one can repossess my degree; unless they want to undergo 2-3 years of gruelling controlled vocabularies and evidence based medicine searches 🙂



  1. No one can take my birthday! Although, alas, I suppose they might prevent me from celebrating it with ice cream cake.

    • deprivation of ice cream cake does happen and it is a fate worse than, say, losing one’s birthday 🙂

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