Posted by: erinserb | October 7, 2009

The “weeders”

I must reference a very good blog Awful Library Books as a great source of entertainment and a window into the surgical technique of mad library scientists who weed library books into the “land of misfit books” a.k.a. oblivion.

But what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  So I am wondering if some historian or interested patrons would find offense to these golden oldies and treasures being chucked in the dumpster.

After a brief visit to this blog, you will probably agree that most of the proposed literature belongs in a museum of anthropology.  I like reading their summaries about these books, such as “Beginner’s Guide to Family Preparedness” or “Anybody Can Be Cool, But Awesome Takes Practice”….hmmm…I think I am not awesome because I haven’t practiced enough in life – oh well.

My point is that maybe the Google Book settlement will save these weeded and orphaned works for those who may want to really engage in serious societal research from the 20th century.   Although most of these books will not be preserved in WorldCat, maybe Google will have an option on their service with a link to “books banished to oblivion”.  If they do this, perhaps they may have many curious reader’s.


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