Posted by: erinserb | October 10, 2009

In grateful appreciation

My Uncle passed away this past April.  He donated his body to science – in this case to Saint Louis University Medical School.  My Aunt, who passed away in 2001 had done the same thing.

Every year, the SLU Medical School holds a memorial service for the families of the donors.   St. Louis University is a Catholic Jesuit institution, so it would hold with their beliefs of having a memorial service.  But this memorial service was special.  I have never been to a service where the four major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam) were represented in prayer, language and culture.

The extra special ingredient, was the talent and care with which the entire Class of 2013 put into making this service so very memorable.   Between singing, musical instruments, poetry, prayer; you could really tell that these young men and women were very respectful and grateful to the families of the loved ones who gave the gift of their bodies so that  these future doc’s can have the best medical education.

It was a truly special moment for myself, my wife and my family who came from Kansas City on a very rainy day to see the best and brightest of the future give their sincere gratitude.



  1. That’s very cool. I keep sort of meaning to look into the paperwork to sign up for that donation, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    Also, I’m already on the list to be an organ donor, and I heard that schools aren’t as interested in bodies that are missing major organs…which makes sense.

    Still, it is one of the things I absent-mindedly plan to do one of these days. It’s great to have your personal perspective on it like this.

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