Posted by: erinserb | October 13, 2009

Of days gone by

I normally wouldn’t post about something as innocuous as shopping malls.   However, you know when you’re having a slow day (yesterday) when something just “pops up” in the middle of more serious research.

Dead Malls is a site which brings about a fascination with history, and something which most people can relate to – a good shopping mall filled with life and happy times.  When that particular mall falls by the wayside, what does that show?  A bad economy, shifting demographics, best intentions gone wrong, etc. etc.

I looked up a few local malls in my state (Missouri).  On one hand, it is most depressing to see the malls/shopping centers where good and fun times once abounded.  Seeing them at this site is like looking at a cemetery of the retail world.  Most people who are reading this have observed when a shopping mall is in decline.   For whatever reason, it is sad; however it is history as well.  Beware when a shopping mall starts to be filled with thrift stores, manicure parlors, pawn shops, etc.

By reading some of the selected blogs there and viewing the photos, it shows much about what we treasure when we have it, but throw it away when it loses its flavor.

Is there a trend of shopping malls going down the tubes?  Perhaps.  Does it show a decline of life as we knew it when we were growing up in the ’60’s,  70’s and 80’s? Maybe.  Do dead shopping malls show a decline in our societal values?  Go to the site and see for yourself.  I still don’t think its the decline of Western civilization though.


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