Posted by: erinserb | November 4, 2009

New Employment

I have contacted many friends and acquaintances in the last day regarding my status as a Green Librarian.  Well, this Green Librarian is still Irish, but he is also now employed as a Librarian at Vatterott College in St. Louis, MO.

For me, this is a monumental achievement because – outside of volunteer experience – I have never worked for pay in a library.  What a concept, now I get paid to do what I’ve really wanted to do for a long, long time.  Somehow, now the years in library school, the assignments, lectures, tests, etc. have paid off – even my student loan doesn’t seem to hurt as much today 🙂

Vatterott is a career college, and serves an important mission in providing practical education for those going straight into the work force; things like HVAC, welding, cosmetology, medical assisting, etc.  They even have a culinary school here which meets the educational needs of those future “French Chefs”.

All in all, life is good now but there are many things I must do.  This job presents a challenge, but it is an entry-level position with not a high amount of library traffic.  I will be teaching reference skills on the college EBSCO Host platform and a lot of libary and administrative functions.  So look out world, here I come – the Superman of the Stacks 🙂



  1. Rock on!

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