Posted by: erinserb | November 4, 2009

Smoking bans

Yesterday, there was a referendum in St. Louis County Mo regarding the banning of smoking in all public places.  The referendum passed (yaaaa! 🙂 – bet you can tell I am not a fan of second-hand smoke.

While I used to feel strongly about the government interfering in the rights of private businesses and restaurants, I have for the past couple of years, built up a great dislike of smoking and so-called rights of smokers.  From my frame of reference, cigarettes were the major cause of my father’s death at 62.  I used to think it was okay, and I’ve been known to “light-up” in my youthful indiscreet years.  Now, I am trying to encourage my sister to quit.

It isn’t so much about being as – when in a restaurant – do you want smoking/non-smoking?  Doesn’t that beckon back to the days of ticket agents asking the same question prior to purchasing airline tickets?   I think that the bad part about it is the actual smell that permeates your clothing and all the other nasty things that make their way into your body.

Yes, I can go to other restaurants where there is no smoking, but I have my favorite spots – pizza parlors always seem to trump my smoking aversion 🙂

Well, smoking was voted down, but it still hasn’t stopped the smoking lunatic fringe to try and get the law repealed.  You see, the lunatic fringe didn’t totally get defeated.  For example, the ban doesn’t take effect until January 1, 2011.  Second, casinos and airport lounges are exempt.

With apologies to Missouri, this is not a progressive state.  Other states have totally banned smoking, and it hasn’t affected business as it was expected.  But the lunatic smoking fringe has a strong ally and lobby, at least in this area. So smoker’s, light-up at the casino and get that last puff at the airport before take-off; smoke it, savor it or whatever!




  1. I’m somewhat sympathetic to the business arguments, but I have to say I LOVE being able to go out to restaurants and bars without coming home with a sore throat, smelling like smoke.

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