Posted by: erinserb | March 26, 2010

Healthcare – a personal commentary

Well, I guess any commentary here is actually a personal commentary, but on the HealthCare Reform Act, I can only say thank God it passed.

This will enflame many of my minions here, but I have one thing to say to Republicans, or any other side miscreant group – GET OVER IT!!!

For once in several generations, good legislation was passed (think Medicare in 1965).  This nation was way overdue for effective “reform”.  Now that doesn’t  mean it is perfect, but at least it gives hope to those who aren’t insured, underinsured, or have a catastrophic condition which would automatically signal the “red flag” of rejection to insurance companies.

And what of these companies?  Why should the American public feel sorry for them and their (quite often) obscene profits.   Republicans and other groups say they will fight this and campaign on repealing this legislation.   Repeal what?  Once the public realizes that there will be protection from predatory premiums and denial of insurance, do you think they are going to want to return to the bad old days?  I don’t think so!

We are an aging population, but we also have great potential with this legislation.  Perhaps it will encourage us to all to take stock and care of ourselves, first as individuals and then as a proud nation.

Yes, we can!


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