Posted by: erinserb | April 28, 2010


I haven’t posted here for a while, but that is okay – I’ve just been busy so the blogosphere had to wait.

I promised myself to not get political here, but I need to “bleed” some steam off here.  

It continues to amaze me just how much people cannot tolerate our President.  Let’s face it – it’s everywhere and in every form imaginable.  I am a moderate Democrat (and am proud of that), but the lack of respect for Obama seems to be getting worse everyday.  My “friends” send disrespectful jokes, images, etc.  While I know some of it is in good fun, I have to ask myself and everyone, is it really in good fun? 

We have and enjoy the freedoms which we share in this country because people have participated, served, fought and died for what this country stands for.  If some of these so-called “patriots” and tea party people did the same type of organized “sedition” in other countries, they probably wouldn’t be heard from for a long time (or worse).

President Obama is trying to do the best that he can.  He is not perfect and there are some issues which get me “bristled”, but I don’t continuously bad mouth him.   To some, everything he does is not right – why?   I think everyone knows that race has almost everything to do with it.  

Obama is trying to repair a monumental “wound” left by others who were unconscionable, and were not held accountable for their actions.  Perhaps, they never will be.   Now, when a man is trying to do his best job, he is still hated by what seems to be an ever-growing number of “Americans”.  There was an old saying “my country right or wrong”.  Also, in the late 60’s, there was a popular saying – “America, Love it or Leave it”. 

If those who are filled with such dislike and continuous dishonor of our President and government officials, then I say to them “Love it, or Leave it”!   These are the same people from my generation who burned flags, their draft cards, and deserted the country for Canada – remember Boomer’s for you know who you are! 

Practice some civility, grow up, and get over it.  Ask what you “can do” for your country.


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