Posted by: erinserb | July 6, 2010

On Soccer – Goooooooaaaal!

I’ve been wanting to write on the World Cup, but up until now, the analysis had to be stored (as well as the zaniness).

Soccer is a beautiful sport, don’t get me wrong.  When played at its best (as in the World Cup), it can be poetry on a field since many of man’s best and worst virtues come to play.  I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a “header” on a corner kick; as for the excitement of the announcers – that can be analyzed in a different dimension.

What is truly frustrating in soccer are the mechanics under which the sport is transported for 90 minutes a match.  oops, I shouldn’t say 90 minutes, because in soccer, you never know how much time has elapsed or is relapsing.  A player could have a severed jugular vein and the referee would call “play on” – play on for what!!  Ah, but there is the ubiquitous stretcher that carts off players like useless flotsam.  Also, God forbid if a player gets a “red card” – when that happens, I think the player has to go to the second coming of the Spanish Inquisition.   Then there is the question about “time outs” – well sports fans you probably know that there are NO time-outs in soccer, even for that poor player who has his jugular severed and is on a stretcher.

Time-outs play to the “American way”, and this is perhaps why soccer can never really catch-on in this country.  Oh, there may be a rise in viewership, but they were saying that back in the ’70’s – “hey soccer is that up and coming sport”.  Remember sports fans, it can never really be a true sport if it hasn’t measured up for TV.

Perhaps soccer cannot play to the American thirst for beer, beef, and blood.  You just gotta have these three essentials during a made for TV sports event; oh and yes, razor blade commercials too! 

So let’s try to get some time-outs and some exciting commercials for the 2014 version – oh, I forgot, cheerleaders would be a nice touch too!


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