Posted by: erinserb | September 30, 2010

Importance of voting – 11/2/2010

Normally, I wouldn’t show my politics and perhaps I am violating that prime directive here, but I speak as a concerned citizen and librarian.

Voting for the so-called “Tea Party“, or most Republicans is viewed by most in our profession as a bad thing.   I don’t want to speak for anybody, but relative to the former administration and their actions, we should all be concerned. Libraries are under fire constantly; each new day brings a dreadful revelation of cutbacks, job furloughs, and the like. 

The Tea Party is committed to less government and is so far right-wing – particularly their stated extreme agenda – that many will be stirred to “lynch mob” mentality at the ballot box in November.   This is a concern not only for library interests, but to those who get a steady dose of negativism.

Do we want some of the good changes that have happened over the past two years to be undone?  I don’t think so!  The Tea Party and Republicans will give us more of the Bush 2 administration.  It is sad that many people have not the realization of just how badly things were when President Obama took office.  There was also an adage while Bush was in office that went like “it will take many years to undo what W’s administration has done to our country” – have we forgotten that?

Instead of trying to support the reforms and the present administration, certain people and groups are constantly fixated over crucifying Obama and his administration.  What ever happened to “I will support my country, right or wrong”? 

We as librarians can make an impact by providing information which shows that we have made progress, and admonish those groups who wish to not only do our profession harm, but the American society as a whole.

Vote well and thoughtfully on November 2nd.


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