Posted by: erinserb | November 11, 2010

Simple musings

Pardon me for rambling, but isn’t that what a blog is for at times 🙂

Today,  my employer and our school Vatterott College observes Veteran’s Day – yaaaah!  My brother works for the government, so I promised him today I would take him to lunch – Chinese even!

He had never been to a full-blown Chinese buffet, and it surely didn’t disappoint.  How much pleasure can a set of steam tables bring to the palate of the discriminating diner?  However, for the first time, my fortune cookie message was bilingual!!  For heaven’s sake, why must I know my fortune in Espanol?   It wasn’t like anyone there was  – se habling Espanol.

However, I must say it was memorable since I do have the day off, and I can actually enjoy my “carb” laden Mandarin meal vs. my usual diabetes driven “power protein” shake and protein bar at my desk at work.

My desktop is down with nasty viruses, and needs a shakedown from Dell; a complete reloading of the operating system tomorrow night;  that is the best time to talk to the techs in India.  So I fired up the old Dell laptop here – maybe I should stop plugging Dell, since they have been the bane of these last few days.  Which makes me wonder; why do I want a netbook?  I’ll probably buy it from Dell anyway, since I have a Dell account.  What’s also bad is my Dell at work.  C’mon, has the world turned Dell on us?

Then I find out in an e-mail, that my alma mater – Columbia College in Columbia, MO (a staunch supporter of military and vet education) quoted me in a youtube video.   I thought that was rather nice though….a pleasant surprise on a beautiful midwest day here.

Later, I must go to the dentist (I love pain so much) to get fitted for a molar crown.   After all these ramblings, at least I have one more thing to brag about….I am getting a gold crown!!! 🙂


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