Posted by: erinserb | December 9, 2010

Wikileaks – what elan!

CNN’s article talks about the do it yourself hacker’s who want to do some cyber harm to

Whatever Julian Assange is or isn’t guilty of is not the pressing issue.  The pressing issue is the malevolent need of payback by Mr. Assange’s sycophant’s. 

What is it worth to them?  To show to the world how to disrupt the lives of millions of people, whether it be attacks on banking networks, cyber merchants, etc.  Hacker’s may serve a legitimate purpose in exposing serious security holes, but when they move from malicious to criminal, the line has to be drawn.  The U.S. national security is at stake, particularly when these people with superior computer knowledge can bring down whole networks. 

Perhaps, hacker’s should be treated as war criminals – maybe even tantamount to treason.   What a frightening world it is becoming when uber geeks, with nothing to contribute to the peace or well being of the world, can control almost any network – nowadays that would be just about everything!


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