Posted by: erinserb | February 6, 2011

Albert Pujols

Why this post? Because this member of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team IS basically this team.   His contract is up next year, but he and his agent have stated that there will  be no negotiations regarding his contract during the season.  Basically what this means is that if he hasn’t signed by February 19th, he will (more than likely) be playing for another team who will have offered him a ridiculously extreme contract of $300 million over a period of 10 years – in essence he will be the highest paid player who has ever played baseball.

I am not debating this man’s skill, but in relationship to so many other necessities of society, can this man really be serious?  He states that he wants to play in St. Louis and has put his roots here, but talk is cheap when it comes to earning the God Almighty dollar.

Mr. Pujols is no better than any of the other greedy players who have played the game in the “modern era”.  The era that I know (1960’s and 1970’s) is considered the final stage of what is called “The Golden Age of Baseball”.  It was something to go to the stadium, like a big beautiful dream.  I didn’t see our St. Louis’ own Stan Musial, but “The Man” is considered one of the greatest players to wear a major league uniform  – believe me folks, you will NEVER see another of his ilk in professional sports again.  Most kids nowadays consider these “golden age men” nothing but mere dinosaurs from a black and white backdrop.  However, I did see players like Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente, Lou Brock, et al….too numerous to name here.

Which brings me back to Mr. Pujols.  How much is enough?  The micro-economists have calculated that Mr. Pujols’ salary for one at bat will be roughly around $ 49,000.   I believe that I, and my fellow librarians, add just as much to society and its advancement as Mr. Pujols.  However, I struggle to pay bills and my student loan on a regular basis.

The St. Louis Cardinals also have been known to be a cheap team when it comes to signing quality players.  They get a revenue base of 3+ million fans per year, plus all of the gigantic money which comes with Busch Stadium – that “shopping mall with a baseball field in the middle”.

In general and the final analysis, where are our priorities?


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