Posted by: erinserb | August 31, 2011

Send in the Goons!

Libraries, it seems, are also turning into competitive environments; this is particularly true at my school.

Sometimes, it is not enough to “shhhhhhh” the student patrons.  So (tongue in cheek) I have decided to establish a goon squad for both my library and lab, together these constitute what is called the learning resources center.

These goons could be summoned at a moments notice, and would absolutely “thrash” the student competition, then follow-up by making a few choice “unfortunates” to spend their entire day researching obscure topics on EBSCO. 

Yeh, I kinda like that!  A goon squad for all occasions 🙂



  1. Make sure you film their activities so you can scare future potential offenders straight with the video.

  2. that’s right…that will reduce my “goon” squad payroll – gotta stay within library budgets 🙂

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