Posted by: erinserb | September 1, 2011

Clinical Detachment

Okay, let me say that all the nice things related to librariana e.g. books, periodicals, databases, monographs, ad infinatum, are not like medical patients.

I believe that one of the first things a doctor must do – depending if he/she were made aware – is to develop a clinical detachment of and to their patients.  Why is this?  Because doctor’s would go crazy if every patient they treated, either suffers from pain for the rest of their life, or meets the grim reaper. 

How does this apply to library science?  Well in a much smaller way, a librarian (particularly a newbie) must detach themselves from the collection – if they do not do this, then they will go crazy wanting to read everything from Modern Plumbing to an obscure article in PubMed.  Thus the librarian is prsented with a larger dilemma than a doc.   I  have learned this “clinical detachment” over the past few years, but sometimes I just cannot help myself to a heaping helping of Wikipedia, Google Earth, Popular Science, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, various medical dictionaries, ad nauseam.

Alas, I have clinically detached myself from these “patients”.  Now, doctors have something to learn about detachment….and they didn’t even go to library school!


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