Posted by: erinserb | September 2, 2011

Labor Day

Workers of the world unite!   That usually is the slogan for May Day – May 1st – which is observed as Labor Day in most coutries of the world.  May Day, according to some, is another day observed as a Socialist Day in disguise – this may or may not be true, but recognition is given to organized labor throughout the world on that day.

Labor Day is viewed here in the U.S. as another day promoting a “sale of the century”, last day for swimming (everybody out of the pool), bar-b-que, and football season kick-off.  I believe that very few people think of what the day really means. 

For we laborers, it should represent all of our rights and privileges as workers.  Many of the advancements in worker’s rights were honed by laborers  in the late 19th century.  So what?  Well, I grew up in a union family, so we were always reminded of the importance of organized labor and for all of the pro-labor laws which are supposed to “protect” the modern American laborer.  I think if it were up to the business world, there may be no Labor Day, primarily because it would be another day of generating profit for the wealthy – heaven forbid!

So let’s hear it for the American Worker, still the most productive in the world; forget about a Labor Day parade – let’s go party at the pool and bar-b-que, after we’ve gone to the “sale of the century”.


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