Posted by: erinserb | February 8, 2012

Community Conversation: Copyright and Social Media

As a throwback to my old Horizon/Wimba days at University of Alabama, I wanted to comment on the most recent webinar provided by The Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University College.  It felt good to be “back in the Wimba saddle” again. 

It has been particularly rewarding to be a member of CIP, as I attended my first webinar (titled) Copyright and Social Media – a lecture by Jeannette Carmadella, JD.   The information is so timely to the nexus of the meeting of copyright and social media.  I have a particular interest in the relationship of YouTube and copyright infringement.  Basically, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, allows social media sites like YouTube to temporarily allow copyrightable material.  If the owner of the video claims copyright, YouTube must take down the video (cease and desist).   Maybe that is why some videos go viral – temporarily.  If the owner doesn’t claim copyright, we can enjoy lots of music videos, goofy and campy videos,  and egghead lectures for a long time 🙂

I also found out that it is within Fair Use and the Copyright Laws to comment on an article (on just about anything), as long as I attribute to the source and/or hyperlink to it.  I was sweating bullets there for a minute, because I have done the very same thing here many times.

So I will continue to “comment and blog away”, even if anyone doesn’t listen. 

I (hopefully) wish to pursue a copyright certification via CIP; then I can be a downright and outright outrageous blogger of copyright do’s and don’ts.


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