Posted by: erinserb | May 9, 2013

I’ll have a cup of java and a stick of gum too!

There are few companies that show restraint when it comes to public health, at least none of the companies I’ve read or heard about.

Wrigley is a special company, because it is synonymous with chewing gum in our Americana mind-set.  Only after a few days of its introduction, their new product, Alert, has been been temporarily suspended from the market due to concerns about the amount/levels of caffeine.

Why get wired with a cup of coffee when you can just chomp on a piece of gum?  Well, there is probably a good reason: can you imagine chewing a couple of sticks of Alert with your favorite cup of “joe”, or with that shot of Five Hour Energy or Red Bull.  Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee and need some caffeine at various times of the day.  You’re probably thinking, “what a hypocrite”!

I believe Wrigley has, perhaps set a good precendent for more companies to think about the health concerns of a product versus the profit aspect.

I will ponder over this as I go to the break room and get a refill on my afternoon cup of coffee. 🙂



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