Posted by: erinserb | January 31, 2014

The death of 2145 Hillsgate Ct. – or maybe not!

Early the other morning, my wife and I were awakened to several fire engines, police units, and EMS.  We looked out our back window and there it was 3 doors down and on another street – a house was burning.  Fortunately, no one was home, nor did the fire spread to other homes on that street.

Something about a house on fire is so eerie and other worldly; you see fires on television, but you cannot know or experience it as it happens – the reality of it all!  Which leads me to the next day, as I was leaving for work, I went down and drove by the house.  It hadn’t been boarded up yet, so you could see the “gutting of the interior”; no life, no joy, no laughing, no happiness, all those things were taken from that family in a matter of a minutes.  A picture ran in the local paper of a fireman collecting important books, documents, and probably the most important thing – pictures.

I’ve seen people rebound from house fires; as a matter of fact, we have had now 3 of them in our neighborhood since we moved in 22+ years ago.  Each time, the family involved restored their “home”.  All I can say is that I believe that this family will do the same; once you’ve seen total destruction of your precious place, all you can do is have faith for to live for  better times.

The fire may have taken away physical things, but it cannot take away, the life, the joy, the laughing, the happiness, the love – for these are timeless.  It is those qualities which will, I believe, rebuild and restore the home at 2145 Hillsgate Ct.



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