Posted by: erinserb | June 4, 2014

The “re-birth” of 2145 Hillsgate Court

Back in January, I posted a blog about the “death” of a home on an adjacent street near our home.  The “death” of 2145 Hillsgate Court was a tragedy, but today as I was going into work, I decided to go by the house; I expected it to be still be boarded up and lifeless.  There is good news though!  The house was in the process of being restored, and workmen were buzzing about and starting the rebuilding process.

This house is kind of like life itself, and the quality called – resiliency!  The family could have chosen many options, but perhaps with their faith, they chose to rebuild.   Their decision will not bring the house back to its former condition – perhaps it will be even better, or perhaps not.

One thing that will not change is their love for their property, their love for each other, their friends, and their love of life.

So here’s  to 2145 Hillsgate Court – maybe by any other name 2145 Mainstreet, America – there is hope in their future, and this brings hope to ours.


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